IRS FATCA 8966 Reporting

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FATCA Reporting is very technical and complex. Let OPES do the IT work, so you can focus on your financial services business!

The Opes FATCA reporting solution converts financial institutions (FFIs) client information (FATCA Report 8966) to the IRS XML requirements. In addition, we provide services to submit these XML files to the IRS IDES System or Host Country Tax Authority (HCTA).

Create IRS XML File

Simply send us your clients data via our MS Excel 8966 template. Once we receive your 8966 information, our solution will validate your data and then create a IRS IDES System compatible XML file.

Use our digital certificate or include your own

OPES Software has its own FATCA ID and IDES account. Therefore, all Model 1 (Option 2), Model 2 and Non-IGA country FFI’s can submit directly to the IRS without the need of your own digital certification integrated into the file.

Model 1 Countries can securely send us their own digital certificate, which we will include in the file.

Reduce Risk & Increase Efficiency

Electronically generated IRS E-files and populated IRS 8966 forms mitigate the possibility of manual errors, reducing your operational risk and improving reporting efficiency.

Feature and benefits

  • Standardized 8966 Data Upload - Simplifies manual processes and mitigates operational risk

  • Workflow Manager - Step-by-Step workflow to simplify the IRS reporting process

  • IRS Compliant XML File Generator - Electronically generate compliant XML IRS 8966 files

  • IRS 8966 Reports - Electronically generate and populate IRS 8966 reports