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5th Sharm Rendezvous Event: Distinguished Speaker: Mrs. Salam Moussa

5th Sharm Rendezvous Event: Distinguished Speaker: Mrs. Salam Moussa

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5th Sharm Rendezvous Event: Insurance Industry … Moving Forward Challenging Obstacles

Rixos Premium Seagate, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – September 17-19, 2023 – The upcoming Sharm Rendezvous event is set to be a catalyst for innovation and knowledge-sharing in the insurance industry. The upcoming event promises to be a dynamic forum for industry leaders and experts to converge, share insights, and explore the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry and at its forefront is OPES Software, a pioneer in compliance software solutions.

Distinguished Speaker: Mrs. Salam Moussa from OPES Software

We are honored to announce Mrs. Salam Moussa, the vice president at OPES software, a distinguished figure in the realm of compliance, as a featured speaker at the 5th Sharm Rendezvous event. Drawing on her extensive expertise, Mrs. Moussa will deliver a captivating overview on the important role of automation, shedding light on the pivotal role of the digital ecosystem and on achieving compliance excellence in the insurance industry. Her insights are sure to inspire and empower attendees to navigate the complex insurance regulatory landscape with confidence and efficiency.

Pioneering Compliance Excellence with OPES Software’s Advanced AML Software Solution (Sanctions & PEP Screening)

Event Highlight
Session 1: The medical insurance and the universal health Insurance law of Egypt.
Session 2: How to mitigate climate changes and natural catastrophes risks.
Session 3: Challenges and Strategies for Developing a Sustainable technological insurance ecosystem.
Session 4: Achieving insurance inclusion despite the increased cost of living from the insurer, the reinsurer, and the broker’s points of view.
Session 5: The Successful Insurer of the Future.

OPES Software’s Advanced AML Solution: Setting Insurance Firms Apart
OPES Software’s AML solution stands out as a sophisticated tool that enables businesses to stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements. With robust features, this solution equips organizations with the means to identify and mitigate AML risks effectively. By leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and data analytics, businesses can bolster their defenses against illicit financial activities, safeguard their reputation, and instill trust among stakeholders.

Special Offer: 1-Year Free Subscription for Local Financial Institutions in Egypt
As a testament to its commitment to the Egyptian financial sector, OPES Software will be extending a special software solution during the Sharm Rendezvous event. Local financial institutions in Egypt will have the opportunity to benefit from OPES Software’s advanced PEP & sanctions screening solution with a 1-year free subscription, allowing them to experience the advanced solution features. This exclusive offer includes access for 1 user, providing an invaluable opportunity for institutions to enhance their compliance practices. Click here to benefit from this offer

About 5th Sharm Rendezvous:
One of the main outstanding events in the insurance industry that will lead you Towards New Horizons in the Insurance Market. ”Exploring the new horizons in Transacting insurance business, new risks, and new technical and technological solutions for enhancing and promoting insurance industry.
For registration and event details, please visit the Sharm Rendezvous website.