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Financial Services


Information Is Power

OPES’s clients have experienced an increase in new clients, assets under management, and improved risk and regulatory controls.

OPES’s financial services solutions are designed from start to finish on the premise that reliable and accurate information is key to a financial firm’s success.

In today’s financial markets characterized by volatility, decreasing margins, and new regulations, OPES can bring the technology you need to be competitive. Our tailor-made solutions cover your front-to-back processes in a single system, improving operational efficiency and allowing your team to focus on your growth objectives.

We Help Financial Services Firms

Acquire New Clients

Increase Net Growth

Protect Assets

Comply With Regulations

Portfolio & Fund Management

Stay ahead of the curve with our financial services solutions

Single decision-making platform, standardized workflows and portfolio simulation and construction tools allow efficient and timely generation of strategies

Expand your offerings with support for a wide range of financial instruments and asset classes

Focus more on generating alpha and growth objectives by mitigating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes

Configurable rule controls reduce operational risks

Centralizes multiple investment workflows and management functions


Sophisticated Tools for your Complex Business Operations

With OPES’s robust architecture and workflows, you can quickly process business-critical tasks. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation:

Performance Measurement | Realized and Unrealized P&L | Model Portfolio Design | Rebalancing | Benchmark Comparisons | Reporting | Reconciliation | Client Management | Fund Management | Financial Instrument Management | Operational Controls | Investment Accounting.

Streamline your business processes

Automate daily, monthly and annual administrative and accounting tasks such as accruals, amortization, mark-to-market and unrealized profit/loss.

With our financial services solutions, you will benefit from a suite of streamlined modules designed to maximize straight-through-processing (STP) of your firms key business functions.


Integrated Business Function Modules include:

  • Order Management
  • Block Trading
  • Performance Analysis
  • Compliance Controls
  • Transaction Reconciliation
  • Client parameters and constraints management
  • Fees and Taxes Management
  • Securities Management
  • Settlements
  • Reporting
  • Seamless data flow to Accounting Module
  • Cash Management
  • Third-Party Connectivity
  • Financial Statements

Client & Dealer Management

Whatever your business specialty may be, OPES can provide you a flexible solution to help manage risk and improve operational efficiencies.

OPES’s financial services solutions are designed with your customers in mind. With its robust and flexible backbone, you are able to track and update all your clients’ essential information easily, enabling you to enhance your service offerings.

New clients are highly desirable, for all financial institutions. But in this era of increasing Fraud, Money Laundering and Financial Terrorism activities, a new client might end up being a curse rather than a blessing. OPES Software’s Client Onboarding module was designed driven by the goal to apply the financial institution’s due diligence and AML/CFT procedures on every prospective client application.

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Investment Fund Administration

Flexible architecture and straight-through-processing (STP) workflows enable you to lower operational risks and costs.


Order Management | Record-Keeping and Shareholder Registry | Global asset and multi-currency management | Compliance and Risk Controls |Integrated Fund Accounting | Acquisitions and Redemptions Management | Fee Administration | NAV Calculations

Automate mission-critical workflows to reduce operation risk

OPES’s configurable fund administration solutions provide a single and seamless platform to manage all aspects of your funds.

Designed with your growth in mind, OPES’s solutions are flexible enough to handle an almost unlimited number of financial instruments, portfolios and fund strategies.

Stay ahead of the curve by stonewalling operational costs, while enhancing your service offerings.


Accurate Accounting is Essential!

OPES’s streamlined accounting module ensures you have accurate and up-to-date information when you need it.

With today’s complex financial reporting requirements and new accounting rules, OPES provides an automated solution to many of your accounting workflows and facilitates accurate financial reporting to your stakeholders. Its configurable rule controls and flexibility provide the necessary tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.


Compliance (FATCA/CRS) & Operational Risk Controls

Fully Integrated or Stand-Alone FATCA Solution

The OPES FIRE solution is a fully integrated suite of tools and intelligence which enables financial institutions to easily manage and comply with FATCA/CRS requirements. FIRE electronically searches through all client data, automatically identifying those that are subject to FATCA/CRS regulations, and then provides you with remediation steps for each account. The integrated rules engine combined with a complimenting workflow manager enables you to expedite the review process and mitigate manual errors.


Meet regulatory requirements with confidence and control

In today’s financial world of new regulations, complex investment strategies and increased client risk aversion, all of OPES’s solutions provide powerful safe-guards to manage and enhance your investment compliance and mitigate operational risks. With the ability to create and modify customizable compliance rules, you have the tools to automate checks and balances to prevent compliance breaches before they occur.

Tools and features you need to stay transparent and compliant

Audit-Trail | Centralized compliance overview and insight

Flexible rule creation and management | Compliance checks along the whole investment process

Mitigates error-prone manual processes | Automated cash management