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FATCA Compliance Software

Complete Your FATCA Reporting With Ease, Accuracy, and In Time!

4 Steps FATCA Filing Process

Prepare Your Data

Insert & Validate Data

Upload Keystore

Generate Report

FATCA Reporting Options

Cloud Based

Nothing to install, get quick access and create your XML in minutes.


Pay with credit card or wire transfer.

On Premise Installation

Secure installation on your servers. Data privacy, no internet connection required.

License is purchased once.

Yearly maintenance fees provide updates on new schemas.

Installed and ready in less than
30 minutes.

Service Bureau

Complete FATCA reporting service. We take care of everything,


Provide us with your reportable accounts and we will create the appropriate FATCA report for you.

OPES FIRE Comprehensive FATCA Solution Framework

1. Financial 

Institution System

2. Identify 

Potential Persons With Indicia

3. Seamless Integration of 

Systems / Data Cleansing

4. Electronic 

Search Rules Engine

5. Request Client 

Documentation & Investigate

6. Data Validation 

For Missing Indicia

7. Confirm Status Reportable / 


8. Electronically Generated 

Tax Authority Report

FATCA Compliance Solutions

XML Reporting
Entity Classification Tool
UK-CDOT Reporting
Due Diligence

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