Fund Management

Minimize operational costs while expanding your growth opportunities

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Opes’s ExactFund is a cost-effective solution to manage all aspects of fund administration, replacing many of your labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes with simplified and standardized workflows. It’s robust architecture and flexibility allows you to administer a full range of fund structures, while also providing you the ability to manage fund accounting efficiently.

More stringent regulations, increasing client demands and evolving financial markets require a fully integrated and highly configurable solution. Opes’s ExactFund solution provides you the necessary tools and features to deliver a superior level of service.

Features and Benefits

Automate mission-critical workflows to reduce operation risk

  1. Order Management
  2. Record-Keeping and Shareholder Registry
  3. Global asset and multi-currency management
  4. Compliance and Risk Controls
  5. Integrated Fund Accounting
  6. Acquisitions and Redemptions Management
  7. Fee Administration
  8. NAV Calculations