Wealth Management

Empowering you to manage diverse portfolios with ease and confidence

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Unibanx is the central analysis and decision-making platform for asset managers, fund managers, and wealth managers. Designed to enhance your service offerings and mitigate operational risks, the Unibanx solution provides mission-critical modules, supports a wide range of asset classes and a seamless integration of your front, middle and back office workflows.

When time matters

In today’s financial markets, time is in short supply and what little time you have should be spent generating alpha for your clients and focusing on your growth objectives.

Our single platform solution provides you the right tools in just a few clicks of the mouse, freeing you from the many time-consuming tasks of manual work-arounds and complex error-prone spreadsheets.

Features and Benefits

Gain a Competitive Advantage with our Sophisticated Tools

  1. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Realized and Unrealized P&L
  4. Model Portfolio Design
  5. Rebalancing
  6. Benchmark Comparisons
  7. Reporting
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Client Management
  10. Fund Management
  11. Financial Instrument Management
  12. Operational Controls
  13. Investment Accounting