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Core Banking Automation

Unibanx is a complete software solution for the automated processing of the operational and supervisory requirements of a banking institution.  Unibanx supports an unlimited number of customer account types, each with its own compliance and risk parameters and constraint enforcement.  All communication with customers are tracked in a built -in CRM, which accesses a repository of all underlying customer documentation.

Solution Highlights
  • An unlimited number of cash accounts in all currencies.
  • A flexible payment processing module, to automate the handling of incoming payments (electronic,cheques, drafts, credit card) and outgoing transfers (electronic).
  • Treasury Management: the management of bank assets and the support of treasury operations.
  • A sophisticated fee module, for the bank to define all the methods and arrangements through which revenues are accrued.
  • Flexibility in the types of credit extended, with complete tracking of maturities, drawdowns, interest payments and loan projections – this includes guarantees and other collateral, term loans and call deposits.
  • The processing of repos and reverse repos.
  • Certificates of Participation and Notes.

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