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CRS & FATCA Consulting Services

The CRS and FACTA are complex regulations and we strongly believe in offering our clients a complete end-to-end solution, including our experience and expertise. In addition to our state of the art compliance technology, we also offer CRS/FATCA professional services to help our clients better understand how the regulations will impact their specific organisation.

OPES SOFTWARE provides multi- disciplinary CRS & FATCA compliance expertise to help financial institutions worldwide.

We have an exceptional team of experts who can help you:

  • Understand the impact of CRS/FATCA on your business operations, processes, and systems
  • Determine your overall CRS/FATCA risk exposure
  • Design and develop your unique CRS/FATCA compliance program
  • Provide training to improve your understanding of the regulations and your requirements
  • Analyse, extract and review customer data such as KYC, Self-Classification and/or Self-Certification
  • Implement and develop additional custom systems to automate your CRS/FATCA procedures & process
  • Establish KYC and due-diligence remediation efforts
  • Tax reporting
  • Compliance support