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Record Tax Revenues in Africa: OECD and AU Report Highlights Breakthrough in Revenue Collection

Tax Transparency in Africa

Great news for Africa’s economic development! A groundbreaking report by the OECD and the African Union (AU) reveals a tax transparency revolution unfolding across the continent. This powerful shift is leading to a surge in tax revenue collection, putting much-needed resources back into African nations.

Over €2.2 billion in additional tax revenue identified by just seven African countries in 2023! This figure shatters all previous records since the launch of the Africa Initiative in 2014. In fact, it’s even higher than the total additional revenue collected from 2009 to 2022!

Here’s the Secret Weapon: Tax Transparency

This incredible progress is all thanks to a powerful tool: tax transparency. By working together and sharing information, African countries are making it much harder for tax evaders to hide their money. This includes initiatives like:

  •    International tax investigations
  •    Voluntary disclosure programs
  •    Automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI)

The results speak for themselves. Since 2009, these efforts have identified a staggering €3.8 billion in additional revenue for Africa!

Shining a Light on Hidden Assets: Automatic Exchange

One exciting highlight is the automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI). This system allows countries to share information about each other’s residents’ financial accounts. Just in 2023, this method helped one African country recover nearly €30 million!

Leaders Speak Out: Tax Transparency as a Game Changer

African leaders are enthusiastic about the potential of tax transparency. As Albert Muchanga, Commissioner for Economic Development at the African Union, stated: “This report is clear proof that tax transparency is a powerful weapon against illegal financial outflows. It unlocks enormous potential for African tax authorities.”

Building a Network for Success: Collaboration is Key

The good news doesn’t stop there. African countries are actively building a strong network for tax information exchange. The African mutual assistance network now boasts over 3,400 connections, allowing countries to easily share vital tax data.

Looking Ahead: Unlocking the Full Potential

While the progress is undeniable, there’s still room for growth. The report highlights that some countries are utilizing these tools more effectively than others. By working together and building capacity across the continent, Africa can unlock even greater benefits from tax transparency.

Information Sharing on the Rise

There’s been a surge in information sharing, with 19 African countries sending 888 requests for tax information in 2023, the highest number on record. They also received 801 requests. However, the potential of this exchange of information seems to be unevenly distributed, with a few countries utilizing it more effectively than others. This suggests there’s room for further collaboration and capacity building to ensure all African nations can benefit from this powerful tool.

Ready to Learn More?

This report is a beacon of hope for Africa’s economic future. By embracing tax transparency, African nations are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable development and a brighter future for all. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting initiative!